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Post Skin Treatment Kit (4 items)

Post Skin Treatment Kit (4 items)

  • $200

This kit is especially designed for post treatments to ensure proper healing without any undesired outcomes, such as irritation and hyperpigmentation.

This protocol is to be followed until the skin is 100% repaired. Use of these products will promote proper hydration & soothing.


STEP 1: Delicate Cleansing Cream - 2 oz. (AM/PM) 

STEP 2: Skin Rehydrating Serum - 0.5 oz. (AM/PM) 

STEP 3: Skin Rebuilding Serum - 0.5 oz. (AM/PM) 

STEP 4: Daily Moisturising Lotion SPF 15 - 1 oz. (AM)

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