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Nourishing Peptide Cream (30ml)

Nourishing Peptide Cream (30ml)

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Nourish and restore overworked skin with our antioxidant-rich peptide cream with anti-aging plant extracts. A virtual wellspring for regeneration, peptides encourage cellular growth and collagen production, restoring skin’s youthful luminance. Discover covetable rejuvenation for normal to dry skin.

•  Helps to stop the breakdown of the skin
•  Boasts high-quality plant oils that mimic the protective effects of sebum
•  Helps the skin to intake more oxygen for vibrant skin
•  Compels the skin to shrink the appearance of the length of wrinkles and reduce skin roughness

Performance Ingredients

•  Cyclotetrapeptide-24
•  Ergothioneine
•  Phospholipids
•  Unichondrin ATP Complex



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